Some thoughts on church,
and postmodernism,
and how it is that we find integrity and wholeness
in our varied forms of worship
and understandings of God.

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I've organized this blog chronologically from its inception, which is backwards from how most blogs are organized. Basically that means that the dates you see for each post to the right are imaginary. Don't worry about it. They show up in the right order...think of the "older posts" link as a "next" button.

And a BIG THANKS! to those who were willing to be interviewed, and who offered suggestions. You're really good sports, and I'm glad to know you (even though I've only ever really met Jay Voorhees, and I'm not sure that we did more than show up at the same seminar once).


Solomon's Porch: online calling to in-person community

The Solomon's Porch website is not so much an online church presence as it is an online church description. That said, it's a pretty good one. Solomon's Porch describes itself as "a holistic, missional, Christian community" and it is located in Minneapolis MN. The website on first glance in only minimally interactive, with mostly informational content provided. At the bottom of the home page is a click thru link to the church's newsletter and discussion groups, which is password protected, one assumes to minimize the influence/impact of "trolls". The content, however, is very well done. Unlike many local church websites (mine included, or should I say, implicated), Solomon's Porch provides a large amount of meaningful and easily accessible information about the nature and shape of their worship services (moving beyond simply posting time and place), how they understand Christian community to be formed in and with and around Christ (rather than simply posting a mission statement), and detailed background information on their mission projects (which often get only lip service on a church website). Participation is encouraged first through navigating the site and taking in the content. The arts are a particular emphasis of Solomon's Porch, and the site contains many links to websites and virtual gatherings for artists who are members of the community. This is a website intended for information, not for overt community formation, but it seems to me to be inviting. I want to know more. And for those of us who read the website and want to know more, there's a handy listing of books about and by members of the Solomon's Porch community. As an example of a postmodern church, the website leaves me with the impression that they are doing pretty well.

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RevAnne said...

It did take 10 days to get a password to participate in the community forums, which I would think would slow down a seeker quite a bit.

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