Some thoughts on church,
and postmodernism,
and how it is that we find integrity and wholeness
in our varied forms of worship
and understandings of God.

An Entry Point

I've organized this blog chronologically from its inception, which is backwards from how most blogs are organized. Basically that means that the dates you see for each post to the right are imaginary. Don't worry about it. They show up in the right order...think of the "older posts" link as a "next" button.

And a BIG THANKS! to those who were willing to be interviewed, and who offered suggestions. You're really good sports, and I'm glad to know you (even though I've only ever really met Jay Voorhees, and I'm not sure that we did more than show up at the same seminar once).


I need homework help!

I still need some links to churches/ministries with strong web presences for my postmodern ecclesiology class. Got a favorite or three? Please let me know where it is in the comments! Thanks!


Althea N. Agape said...

if you can handle the topic: has an outreach to help folks overcome porn addiction through the same media that sucked them in. It really is a web ministry, not just a ministry with a webpage.

"PS" said...

Try explore faith

RevAnne said...


Melissa said...

I've got a whole bunch...

Liquid Church in Morristown, NJ has a great website and even has people around the world who "worship" with that community who don't even attend physically due to the gift of podcasting.

Rob Bell's church at Mars Hill, Michigan is another place to start.

Revolution Church. Their sermons are actually videos they put on their website.

Jacob's Well led by Tim Keel.

Likewise, Solomon's Porch led by Doug Pagitt.

I have a pretty substantial list, so let me know if you need any more!

The Mollinator said...

ohh, i tried to help, but melissa beat me to them...

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