Some thoughts on church,
and postmodernism,
and how it is that we find integrity and wholeness
in our varied forms of worship
and understandings of God.

An Entry Point

I've organized this blog chronologically from its inception, which is backwards from how most blogs are organized. Basically that means that the dates you see for each post to the right are imaginary. Don't worry about it. They show up in the right order...think of the "older posts" link as a "next" button.

And a BIG THANKS! to those who were willing to be interviewed, and who offered suggestions. You're really good sports, and I'm glad to know you (even though I've only ever really met Jay Voorhees, and I'm not sure that we did more than show up at the same seminar once).


Hey, anybody out there?

I'm working on a project for a DMin in postmodern ministry. Anyone know of websites I need to be sure not to miss? I'm thinking of reviewing "web churches" and perhaps interviewing some leaders. Help me out...leave names/email/web addresses in the comments, please!


Sally said...

Have you come across the Anglican Cathedral and the Methodist Church in Second Life- I have contacts with one of the leaders I'm sure he'd be up for an interview.

RevAnne said...

Sally, I'd love that. I am aware of Second Life vaguely, but haven't really looked at it.

John said...

I've read that the Jesuits have begun missionary efforts within Second Life. And you may want to look into the defunct Church of Fools. Methoblogger Jay Voorhees used to be a pastor there.

RevAnne said...

Thanks, John, I'll get in touch with Jay.

the reverend mommy said...

I would like to invite you to the Second Life Mission, personally.

When you get online, I would love to show you around.

We are working on an offical stamp of approval from my District (soon) and I am working with a few online (within SL) universities and people like Len Sweet.


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